Creating Comprehensive Results

The best-designed system with the most sophisticated equipment available can be worthless if it is improperly installed.

Cookie-cutter security providers try to eliminate installation problems by scaling back the system. However, it also eliminates various degrees of necessary protection.

At Paradyme, we take installation as seriously as we do every other security-related decision. Flawless installation is one of the many ways we ensure longevity of equipment and as-promised performance of the system as a whole. To that end, we staff fully certified technicians with specialized training in the security systems and components we install. As well, we provide our clients and/or security teams with neatly organized, rack-mounted control panels and complete system documentation that includes equipment listings, warranty information, technical drawings, camera positions, wire labels, and more. Because every installation is only as good as the team doing the work, we do all installation labor on our own – not through unknown subcontractors or outside installers.