Not Just Sight... Vision

When used correctly, a close-circuit-television (CCTV) system can function both as a deterrent and as a back-up to other security systems in place. Noticeable cameras warn would-be invaders, trespassers, or thieves that they will be identified if they persist in their actions. Cameras also record the activities of those with reason to be in an area, but may be acting outside accepted guidelines. A well-designed CCTV system can also function as an excellent management tool, effectively allowing managers the ability to oversee their employees and businesses.

At Paradyme, we believe that CCTV is all of these things and more. When properly integrated into a comprehensive system, CCTV delivers the power to see approaching threats and alerts security personnel or law enforcement to react as quickly as possible. We also offer remote video monitoring service that relays CCTV feeds to a live staff that can identify threats and even speak to trespassers in real time. It is this level of sophistication that Paradyme defines as true security.